Custom Product Solutions

Custom Storage Racking in bulk Designed Specially For You

At Midwest Distribution, we know that companies often need unique products to cater to the specific requirements of their business. That’s why we offer a range of customized products tailored to meet your needs and align with industry standards.

With over 20 years of experience providing steel products to businesses across various industries, we have the expertise and skill to create and manufacture innovative solutions in bulk for you at affordable rates. We can help store, display, transport, and distribute your goods, as well as optimize your space and enhance your workflow.

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Custom Product Solutions

  • High-quality steel materials, including custom steel shelving, racks, carts, trolleys, etc.
  • Durable products designed by our product engineering team
  • Customization options for all custom products
  • FOB; China, Indiana, USA, and India
  • One-year limited warranty


  • Minimum order requirements apply to all custom orders. Call customer service for more information about minimum order limits, prices, and shipping rates.

Comprehensive Custom Product Solutions at Affordable Rates

Midwest Distribution offers a wide range of custom product solutions, from custom storage racks to custom industrial shelving and everything in between. So, no matter what product you need, we can design and manufacture the right one.

If you’re searching for a distinct product that can align with your needs and budget, we’ve got the solution. Our production capabilities include customized racks, shelving, custom security carts, containers, trolleys, display racks, value racks, rivet racks, and much more.

Simply describe your requirements and the number of pieces you need in the form below. Allow us to design and create custom storage solutions that empower your business and help you succeed.

Advantages of Custom Product Solutions

  • Designed and manufactured to match your requirements and preferences
  • Offers complete control over every feature and specification
  • Long-lasting products that deliver more value to your investments
  • Innovation solutions that employ current design trends and manufacturing technologies, allowing you to get ahead of the competition
  • Creates a more personalized and professional setup
  • Optimizes available space
  • Enhances efficiency in the workplace

When to Use Custom Product Solutions

A custom product solution is the ideal option when an off-the-shelf product does not meet certain requirements. A tailored solution can address the unique challenges faced by businesses and offer a more efficient, effective proposal.

Custom storage options can help you maximize available space, enhance operational efficiency, meet industry-specific regulations or requirements, integrate new equipment or technology into the current system, or adapt to changing needs. So consider implementing a custom product solution for your business.

Our Clients

Have questions about our products or services?


What type of custom products do you provide?

We provide a variety of custom steel and aluminum products in bulk, depending on the unique needs of your business and industry. For instance, we can help design and manufacture customized carts, racks, shelves, mobile display units, or other products to help you move, store, and distribute your merchandise.

What aspects of my order can I customize?

We offer a full range of customization options to meet the unique specifications of your business. Besides selecting the type of product, you can also choose the product style, finish, size, and quantity, among other things. Contact us for more information about additional customization options.

Why choose Midwest Distribution for custom products solution?

We have over 20 years of experience manufacturing high-quality standard and custom products. What’s more, we have been supplying custom solutions in bulk to a range of industries at affordable prices. By partnering with us, you will receive custom parts at a competitive price without compromising on quality.

Can you help me select the right material and design?

Yes. At Midwest Distribution, we employ experts who help you create the right custom product to match your specific requirements and meet industry standards. We consider multiple variables before designing a product for you, such as the type of stock and application, environmental exposure, usage, etc.