Rivet Rack

Optimize your space with Our Heavy Duty Rivet Racks in Bulk

Looking for a versatile and durable storage solution to organize your space? Look no further than Midwest Distribution’s rivet racks! Our racks are built to last and are available in bulk at affordable prices. They’re perfect for storing, displaying, and transporting goods of all shapes and sizes.

The rivet racks at Midwest Distribution feature a strong and straightforward design that makes assembly quick and easy and allows for effortless adjustment of shelf height to fit your merchandise.

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Rivet Racks

  • 14 gauge steel frame and dolly base
  • Fits standard 40″ x 48″ base pallet (not included)
  • Offers easy forklift entry
  • Includes 4 adjustable shelf layers and wire shelves
  • Contains universal mobile base
  • Optional four durable poly caster wheels with brakes
  • Black powder coat finish. Other colors available
  • Different Size Options:
    • Size – 40” x 48” x 80” (D x L x H), weight – 180 lbs
    • Load capacity – 1850 lbs
    • Wheels – 5″x2″ casters 2S2R with brakes
    • Size – 24” x 48” x 48” (D x L x H), weight – 160 lbs
    • Load capacity – 1600 lbs
    • Wheels – 4″x2″ casters 2S2R with brakes
    • Size – 24” x 48” x 60” (D x L x H)
  • Simple to assemble
  • Customization options
  • Additional shelves available
  • FOB; China, Indiana, USA, and India
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Pricing subject to change
Product No. Capacity Size D x L x H Wt.(lbs.) Ea. Extra Shelves
MWDRRMW4C 1850 lbs 40"x48"x80"H 180 $176.50 $14.75
Includes powder coat steel universal base with shelf, 4 adjustable wire grid shelves & 1 set of 5"x2" casters 2SR with brakes. FOB China plant
MWDRR24W4C 1650 lbs 24"x48"x48"H 160 $133.55 $9.95
Includes powder coat steel universal base with base shelf, 4 adjustable wire grid shelves & 1 set of 4"x2" casters 2S2R with brakes. FOB China plant
Optional 60" Model
MWDRR60W4C - 24x48x 60"H - $128.95 -


  • Minimum order 150 rivet racks and 300 shelves

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  • Minimum order 150 rivet racks and 300 shelves


  • Minimum order 150 rivet racks and 300 shelves

Strengthen Your Storage with Our Industrial Rivet Racks

Rivet racks can help accommodate your warehouse space for growing inventory and maximize efficiency within the facility. The modular system of our rivet racks makes it easy to add or remove shelves, as well as reconfigure their layout to align with your changing storage needs.

Investing in a warehouse rack rivet shelving bulk storage solution can help optimize your warehouse space in a cost-effective manner.

Our rivet racks are built to last. At Midwest, we focus primarily on designing high-quality racks that enable you to methodically store, organize, and manage your inventory. The adjustable shelves have heavy duty rivets that help accommodate items of varying weight and dimensions. Moreover, the steel racks with a transportable caster base option offer greater mobility and flexibility. Remember, customization is our specialty. We can help customize your rivet rack units to align with the needs of your business.

Advantages of Rivet Racks

  • Exceptional value
  • Versatile storage solution
  • Adjustable shelf heights and configurations that help accommodate varying product sizes, dimensions, and weights
  • Simple assembly, requiring no special tools or training
  • Highly customizable
  • Offers easy retrieval of goods
  • Supports efficient inventory management
  • Helps optimize vertical storage space

When to Use Rivet Racks

Rivet racks offer a versatile storage system that helps store and organize goods of any size, shape, and weight. This allows them to be used in various settings such as retail stores, offices, homes, workshops, garages, manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centers, etc. These racks excel in environments that require a robust and customizable storage solution that can be easily accumulated and adapted to various storage needs.

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What are rivet racks?

Rivet racks, also known as boltless shelving, are popular storage solutions used in warehouses, garages, and offices across the world. This racking solution consists of vertical posts with keyhole slots and horizontal shelves with rivet connections instead of bolts, hence the name boltless shelving.

How can my business benefit from rivet racks?

Rivet racks provide a simple, versatile, and sturdy storage solution that can be used anywhere. It’s quick and easy to assemble, providing large, open spaces to store and organize goods, even large or bulky ones. Moreover, the adjustable shelves help accommodate merchandise of varying dimensions.

What industries utilize rivet racks?

Rivet racks are a durable, cost-effective storage solution that helps store and organize goods of any size, shape, and weight. They are used in various industries, such as retail, manufacturing, warehouses, logistics, offices, workshops, garages, homes, etc. They are suitable for commercial and residential purposes.

Can I customize the rivet racks?

Of course. Rivet racks are available in different sizes, materials, and styles. Simply pick the type that aligns with your needs. And since the height of the shelves is adjustable, you can customize the configuration of the racking solution to adapt to varying merchandise sizes.

Can you help me choose the right rivet racks for my business?

Yes! We have 20+ years of experience, so our experts can answer your queries, help suggest the right products for your industry’s requirements, and provide any further assistance you need. Feel free to contact our sales representatives for more information about our rivet racks in bulk.