Industrial Storage Racks

Get access to Heavy-Duty Bulk Storage Racks

Midwest Distribution LLC offers a variety of racking and storage solutions in bulk. Throughout the years, we have served many satisfied industrial and commercial customers through a diverse range of customized solutions of varying shapes and sizes as per their needs. These solutions include stackable baskets, wire containers with or without casters, dollies, and various types of racks designed to facilitate storage and enhance organization.

You, too, can partner with us and get your bulk storage racks to ensure effective picking and packing, improved workflow and efficient utilization of space.

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  • Minimum order – 100 storage racks
  • Extra shelving options available upon request
  • Customized industrial warehouse racks available (Minimum order limits apply)
  • FOB; China, Indiana, USA, and India

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Experts in Bulk Rack Shelving Solutions

Industrial storage racks are incredibly flexible storage solutions that can help improve organization, maximize storage capacity, and boost productivity. If you’re looking for a smart storage solution, Midwest Distribution LLC is here to help.

Our top-quality industrial storage racks are durable, safe, and secure. They have adjustable shelves that can help optimize your storage needs, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. That means you can now stock merchandise of varying weights, shapes, and sizes. We can also customize your storage racks to align with your needs and make your business more efficient.

Our warehouse steel racks are a wise business investment that will last for years to come.

Advantages of Industrial Storage Racks

  • Versatile storage solution
  • Easy access to goods
  • Ideal industrial storage solutions for hand-picked products
  • Easily configurable as shelves can be effortlessly readjusted
  • Safe, even under heavy-duty conditions
  • Quick assembly
  • Affordable solution

When to Use Industrial Storage Racks

Bulk storage racks offer a versatile, cost-effective industrial rack shelving solution that can be used anywhere from small retail shops to offices to large storage facilities. You can easily store and organize stock, ensuring easy retrieval and better inventory management. You just need to assess your needs, the space available and the stock types that you plan to store. This will surely ensure that you get enhanced organization, better accessibility, and improved space utilization in your environment.


How can I pick the right storage rack for my warehouse?

Selecting storage racks requires the assessment of various factors, such as the KPIs of your warehouse, the amount of space available, the specifications of your merchandise and the operational requirements of the warehouse, etc. Consult our experts, and they will help you in getting customized bulk storage racks for your needs.

What will the height of the storage racks be?

The height of your rack depends on factors such as warehouse ceiling height, the dimensions of inventory (length, height, and weight), fire code limitations, rack structure limitations, etc. According to the guidelines set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the maximum height should be 16 ft if you’re racking manually, or 20 ft if you’re using a forklift.

How much do storage racks cost?

The price of our storage racks depends on several elements, such as your storage requirements, the number of racks needed in the warehouse, the weight and dimensions of the merchandise you are storing, delivery frequency, the environment within the warehouse (e.g., cold storage), etc. Get in touch with our company representative for more information about the cost of your racking system.

How can Midwest Distribution help resolve my racking needs?

Midwest Distribution can help make the most out of your warehouse’s storage capacity by systematically arranging inventory and reducing clutter on the floor. We create affordable customized racks in bulk according to your requirements without compromising on quality. Furthermore, we have years of experience designing bulk storage racks and developing warehouse operational layouts to optimize internal processes.