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We Offer Steel Storage Racks in Bulk

Storage racks have always been a key product line.

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Custom Storage Racks Built for your Needs.

Over the years a variety of sizes, shapes and custom solutions have been produced for countless industrial and commercial customers. Stack baskets, wire containers, with or without casters, dollies and other storage racks for storage, picking operations and a wide array of other uses have been fabricated. We welcome the opportunity to offer our services to provide the steel storage rack you require.



  • Minimum factory direct only qty. 100+
  • Additional shelves available
  • CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE Call for details Minimums Apply
  • FOB India/ FOB China Factory Call for shipping quotes.
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How can I pick the right racking system for my warehouse?

Selecting a racking system requires the assessment of various factors, such as the KPIs of your warehouse, the amount of space available, the specifications of your merchandise, the operational requirements of the warehouse, etc. Our storage racking experts can help you pick the right racking solution for your needs.

How high will the racking system be?

The height of your racking system depends on factors such as warehouse ceiling height, the dimensions of inventory (length, height, and weight), fire code limitations, rack structure limitations, etc. According to the guidelines set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the maximum height should be 16 ft if you’re racking manually, or 20 ft if you’re using a forklift.

How much do racking systems cost?

The price of our racking system depends on several elements, such as your storage requirements, the number of racks needed in the warehouse, the weight and dimensions of the merchandise you are storing, delivery frequency, the environment within the warehouse (e.g., cold storage), etc. Get in touch with our company representative for more information about the cost of your racking system.

How can Midwest Distribution help resolve my racking needs?

Midwest Distribution can help make the most out of your warehouse’s storage capacity by systematically arranging inventory and reducing clutter on the floor. We create affordable customized racks according to your requirements without compromising on quality. Furthermore, we have years of experience designing racking systems and developing warehouse operational layouts to optimize internal processes.