Nursery Racks

Simplify the Art of Plant Care with our Nursery Carts In Bulk

Midwest Distribution provides stainless steel nursery carts that are a great investment for your business. We focus on maintaining the quality of all our products, ensuring they are sturdy and durable. We provide extra protection against rust and corrosion by powder coating or zinc electroplating our carts, racks, and shelves.

We understand that every plant business is unique, which is why we offer multiple customization options, such as nursery rack size, powder coating color, shelving requirements, etc. We also offer competitive pricing for floral display racks wholesale orders.

Find the perfect nursery racks for your nursery’s needs and budget. For more information about nursery carts, wholesale and bulk rates and shipping costs, please contact one of our company representatives.

RR RIVET RACK Mobile Rivet Rack

Plant Nursery Cart


  • 14 gauge stainless steel frame and dolly base
  • Also fits onto a standard base pallet (40″ x 48″) – not included
  • Size – 40” x 48” x 80” (D x L x H), weight – 180 lbs
    Load capacity – 1650 lbs
  • Includes 4 adjustable galvanized shelves
  • Shelving option – wire mesh or solid shelves
    Dimension – 40” x 48” Load capacity – 225 lbs and 300 lbs
  • Four 5″ x 2″ durable poly casters with brakes
  • Simple to assemble
  • Customization options
  • Additional shelves available
  • FOB; China, Indiana, USA, and India
  • One-year limited warranty
MOBILE RIVET RACK Product Details  
Product No. Capacity Size D x L x H Weight.(lbs.) Ea.
MWD-RRMW3C 1650 lbs 40x48x80 180 $258.50
MWD-RRGS 225 lbs 40 x 48″ 12 $22.25


  • Minimum order 150 nursery carts and 300 shelves

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Wholesale Nursery Carts at Affordable Prices

Nursery carts and racks are useful in plant nurseries, greenhouses, and grower operations. They help store, display, and transport various items, such as flowers, plants, shrubs, gardening materials, equipment, etc.

Nursery carts also protect your plants during transit and ensure they’re ready to be displayed as soon as they reach the end user retail location. The mobile base on the carts makes it easy to move and reposition your plants. Plus, the four heavy-duty poly caster wheels have brakes, providing enhanced control over the cart’s movement even on rough terrain.

At Midwest, we also prioritize the design of our nursery racks by using wire mesh sides, bottoms, and shelves to prevent dirt and water from accumulating. Whether you are interested in a custom “Hi-Cube”, Euro or other transport or display design, we can provide a high-quality nursery cart to meet your requirements along with ensuring that it is easier to clean and maintain. Also, our new “KD” steel rack display has a wire transportable caster base option that allows higher mobility and flexibility. Factory Direct Affordable pricing is available for all nursery racks and shelving.

Advantages of Nursery Racks

  • Offers ease in transporting plants around your nursery or greenhouse
  • Helps arrange and organize plants according to your business’s organization criteria, facilitating inventory management
  • Enhances space utilization by optimizing the vertical space of your plant nursery or greenhouse
  • Improves visibility of your plants
  • Helps reduce damage to your plants
  • Offers better ventilation and more efficient watering
  • Durable racking, storage, and transport solution for your plant nursery

When to Use Nursery Racks

Nursery racks have a range of benefits for horticultural applications, whether you are a small-scale home gardener or run a large commercial nursery operation. They can help you display a wide variety of plants, make them easily accessible, organize them for efficient stock management, maintain your collection, optimize your available space, and safeguard your plants while moving them from one location to another. So place your flower racks wholesale order today.


What are nursery carts?

Nursery carts are specially designed to store, transport, and display plants and flowers in plant nurseries. These carts are designed to accommodate plants and other landscaping products or equipment.

Do I need nursery carts?

If your business requires you to transport and display plants, flowers, and gardening items, investing in bulk nursery carts is a good idea. Since all nursery carts have four large, heavy-duty wheels on the bottom, they can easily carry your merchandise on any surface, smooth or uneven. Now, all you need to do is roll everything wherever you want without lifting or carrying each item individually.

What businesses can benefit from nursery carts?

Ideally, these carts are excellent for any business that wants to store, transport, and display plants, such as plant nurseries, greenhouses, outdoor garden centers, grocery and convenience stores that sell plants, sidewalk retail displays, etc. However, anyone who loves plants and gardening can also benefit.

What is special about nursery racks from Midwest Distribution?

At Midwest Distribution, we care about your plants as much as you do. We focus on designs that keep your plants safe during transit and make them display-ready when they reach their final destination. Moreover, our nursery carts are durable and sturdy.

Do you offer customization options?

Yes. We understand every nursery or greenhouse has different storing, transportation, and display needs. So you can alter nursery racks depending on your needs, such as the size of the cart, the number of shelves, the type of exterior coating, color, etc. We design unique solutions to meet your requirements.