Value Racks

Affordable Wholesale Racking Solution For Your Business

At Midwest Distribution, we believe in providing value and quality products in bulk for your businesses. That’s why, as renowned warehousing racks manufacturers, we’ve designed a collection of high-quality, cost-effective value racks suitable for nursery and greenhouse growers, as well as warehouse storage and transport. Our value racks offer a reliable solution to improve the storage and organization of your products – regardless of the size of your business.

It’s time to upgrade your storage solutions with our heavy-duty steel storage racks in bulk. Make the most of your facility’s space without breaking the bank. Contact us for more information about our value rack options, wholesale racking prices, and customization choices.

Value Racks

  • Designed for storage and display of goods
  • Can be used as pallet-based or free-standing design
  • Steel racks and shelves 11 gauge
  • Adjustable wire grid shelves
  • Powder coating finish (white, black, gray, or green)
  • Product Specifications:
    • Size – 40” x 48” x 80” (D x L x H), weight – 115 lbs
    • Load capacity – 1550 lbs
    • Additional shelf available – load capacity 220 lbs
    • Size – 24” x 48” x 60” (D x L x H), weight – 110 lbs
    • Load capacity – 1300 lbs
    • Additional shelf available – load capacity 220 lbs
  • Simple to assemble
  • Customization options
  • FOB; China, Indiana, USA, and India
Product No. Capacity Size D x L x H Wt.(lbs.) Ea.
MM110898V8 1550 lbs 40"x48"x80"H 115 $79.92
Powder Coat Finish
Specify - Black, White, Grey or Green
MM110898V8S - Extra Shelf 220 lbs - - $16.38
MM110898V4 1300 lbs 24"x48"x60"H 110 $70.25
Base + 4 adjustable wire grid shelf support sets
MM110898V6S - Extra Shelf 220 lbs - - $12.71


  • Minimum order 150 units

Elevate Your Storage Efficiency with Our bulk value Racks

Value racks are a budget-friendly storage solution that can help display and store merchandise, making them the ideal racking system for a wide range of applications. While our products are affordable, we never compromise on quality. Our heavy storage racks are made with top-notch materials, ensuring they can withstand heavy loads without damaging their structure.

Our value racks are also designed to accommodate a variety of inventory types, helping you organize your goods and optimize your storage space. Plus, assembly is quick and easy, so you can start using your new racks right away. Check out our selection of value racks today for a simple and effective storage solution.

Advantages of Value Racks

  • Affordable racking solution
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Versatile storage and product display option
  • Can be used in numerous settings
  • Improves accessibility and enhances workflows
  • Helps maximize storage space
  • Quick, hassle-free assembly
  • Customization options available

When to Use Value Racks

Value racks are important assets for anyone who needs an affordable storage solution. And since they are strong and adaptable, value racks can be implemented into a variety of settings like nurseries and greenhouses as well as in warehouses for storage and transport. The versatility of these heavy-duty racks makes them a practical option for an extensive range of storage needs, offering an efficient solution to help businesses and individuals stay organized. The specific use of value racks can vary depending on the business or industry they are employed in. So check your requirements and order your bulk racks accordingly.


What are value racks?

Value racks are budget-friendly storage solutions that help organize and store goods. Though these racks are more affordable than other racking solutions, there is no compromise in quality. Essential features include sturdy, heavy-duty steel storage racks, adjustable shelves, and simple assembly.

What industries can utilize value racks?

Since our heavy-duty rack has several shelves, it offers an affordable storage solution to help efficiently store and display various items, such as plants, equipment, merchandise, supplies, inventory, etc. That means they can be used anywhere, from industrial applications to commercial ones.

Are value racks a good option?

Yes. Value racks are affordable, versatile, and long-term storage solutions that help store, organize, and display goods. Just like our other premium products, our value racks are also durable and long-lasting. Rest assured that this heavy-duty rack storage solution can organize your storage space in an efficient manner. 

What makes Midwest value racks unique?

Even though our racks are suitable for anyone on a budget, we never compromise on quality. Furthermore, we offer a variety of value rack options in bulk to ensure you find the perfect storage solution for your needs. Customization options include dimensions, styles, number of shelves, etc.