What Is Industrial Powder Coating

As time goes on, more and more industries are starting to realize the importance of powder coating in increasing the lifespan and performance of their industrial equipment. As the demand for this efficient finishing technique grows, the powder coating market is experiencing significant growth and constantly coming up with new and improved coating formulas and application processes to expand the ways in which this technique is used and the benefits it offers. But the question is; what is it that makes industrial powder coating so useful and the preferred choice of many businesses? Let’s find out.


Powder coating involves applying a protective finish to any kind of material. The process uses a fine powder that is made up of fine particles of resin, curing agents, extenders and tint pigments. This powder is applied to the surface and heat used to bind it onto the surface, creating a solid finish.

Before the coating can take, the surface to which it will be applied has to go through thorough cleaning to get it ready for coating. This step is essential because it removes contaminants and ensures that the coating will adhere to the surface effectively. Improper cleaning is one of the major reasons for powder coatings failing to provide the level of protection they are designed for. Once the surface is ready, the powder coating is either sprayed onto the surface or the surface dipped into a fluid that contains the powder. Heat is then applied to melt the powder coating into a smooth base covering the surface.


Industrial powder coating has the following benefits:

  • Corrosion Protection: Powder coating protects industrial equipment and machinery against corrosion and abrasion. There is always a risk of industrial equipment experiencing corrosion due to chemicals, ultraviolet light, oxidation, and water damage. Powder coating protects against all these factors. It is particularly useful for machinery with moving components as it provides the lubrication and resistance needed for these components to function effectively.
  • Long-lasting: Powder coating doesn’t wear off with time; it can easily last for several years, without any fading, regardless of the use of your equipment.
  • Color options: With powder coating, you have the option to choose from different color options, allowing you to alter the aesthetics of your finish according to your requirements.
  • Affordability: Considering the wide range of benefits it offers, powder coating is a highly cost-effective option. The application process produces no wastage and you get great value for money for years to come.
  • Eco-friendly: Powder coating and its application process are environmentally-friendly; the coating contains no harmful chemicals, and the process produces less waste than other conventional coatings, emitting almost no volatile organic compounds. Moreover, the overspray released is recyclable.


Powder coating is highly beneficial for a number of different industries. It is widely used by the appliance industry in everything from microwaves and refrigerators to ovens and washing machines. The aerospace industry, automobile industry and manufacturers of industrial equipment also use it to provide a durable finish and protect items against harsh conditions. It is even used construction, with metal components in the structure of the property, as well as window and door frames given a robust finish using powder coating.

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